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The Band

Though Kasper has enjoyed a 30 year run with pretty much the same lineup, they have experienced a completely normal "turnover" rate. Unlike most band sites, we'll try to explore not only today's lineup, but also discuss all former members of the band, as each one contributed to the family and helped create the band that you see today.

The Current Lineup

Jeff Klinedinst


Jeff is the one constant in every incarnation of Kasper. He's been the only member from day one. Though he actually started out as a part-time singer and full-time drummer, then switched to full-time singer and part-time keyboard player...he finally settled on lead singer because it was easier to memorize vocal parts than to practice any instrument. Jeff has an older brother and an older sister, a wife, Libby and a son Zach (See Below)...and a dog named Wylie.

Scott Kohler


Scott is the second longest tenured member of Kasper. He joined the band in the mid 80's as a rhythm guitarist and part-time keyboard player. He has been in every incarnation of Kasper since. His specialty, besides being the funniest member of the band is that he has a memory like an elephant. Normally, when we're sitting around wasting time talking about the old days and a song we played in 1991 for 6 weeks, Scott is usually the guy who remembers how we started or ended the song. He is also world famous for his "Belly Dance". Over the years, as the "Belly" has grown, so too has the legend of the dance. Scott is married to Kim, has a flock of brothers and sisters and has 2 boys Corey and Jamie....

Anne Gross (Mansberger)


Anne has certainly had an interesting ride with Kasper. She is the full-time drummer and provides a crucial element to the vocals of the band. She really broke new ground in the mid 80's when she joined the band, as female drummers in male bands were just a rarity. This is no fragile flower...never once did she use the fact that she was a girl or that she weighed as much as a pair of sneakers to get out of her share of the work. To know her, you'd never guess she was in a working rock band...shy and quiet, Kasper would not be the same without her. Anne has an older brother and sister, and is married to Roger.

Kevin Beichner


Kevin isn't the new guy anymore. He joined the band in 2011, but his ties to the band go way back. In fact, Kevin has known Scott since high school and actually drove Scott to his Kasper audition while dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Kevin is also pulling double duty in a second band...Kevin currently jams with Piece Of Me on the local scene. Want your face ripped off? These guys rock! Kevin is married to Sue and has 2 daughters: Morgan and Tiffany.

Zach Klinedinst

Bass/Easy Vocals

Zach has been watching Kasper since he was in diapers...He'll likely reverse the tables and end up watching us all in diapers. Zach joined in 2018 and is the youngest member of the band by 2 years. He will soon be walking down the aisle with Abby Barnhart, who he has also been dating since diapers./p>

Matt Shenberger

Sound/Anne's Vocals

Matt has been our sound man since 2011. We've known him since we were all kids in Dover. Matt is a jack of all trades with the band and we shudder to think what we'd sound like without him. Anyone who plays music LIVE knows that the sound man is the most important member of the band...right behind the bartender. Matt passed several years ago and he likely is watching a band with Dave complaining about the sound in Heaven. RIP big man.

Dave Gettys


This all started with a promise made between two 10 year-olds. Jeff and Dave made a pact to have a band together when they were in the 4th grade. Now...38 years later, they just can't seem to give it up. Dave was in the early incarnations of the band and then left to help launch Cheap Sneakers, a popular local act that still jams today. When Anne joined the band, Dave was looking for a project to call his own. Then Anne left and Dave rejoined. Now they're both singing and playing in Kasper. Sadly, we lost Dave in 2018, but his name will always appear in the active members because Dave will always be a part of us. If there is a band in heaven, Ghetto is definitely singing lead and spilling his drinks on the stage. RIP Buddy.

The Others

Shane Krout

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Shane Krout is simply a professional bass player. He had a great ride in the rebirth of Kasper and now is headed off to bigger and better things. Not only is Shane just about the easiest guy on the planet to get along with, but he also just comes to work with his handle-less bass case and a great attitude. There is a rumor that Shane is actually in several bands that he plays in while sleeping. His pet project, Anatomy Of The Sacred is an orchestral metal band that rocks and is definitely worth the time if you ever get a chance to see them. He has a daughter named Leigh Ann and a wife named Sara.

Tom Burger

Bass Guitar

This guy should never be put in the "other" category. One of the band's founding members...very little can be told about Kasper without mentioning Tommy. Always the band's best performer and a guy who made us laugh more times than any of us can remember, Tom will never be forgotten. Tom has a son, Daniel and is currently focusing on his other projects and busily writing new tunes for his first solo CD.

Dan Eckman

Lights, Road Manager

In our "full-time" days, there simply was no one more important to Kasper than Dan. (otherwise known as Donald Fleckman) Like our parent on the road, Dan made sure that everything was handled...and we mean "everything". He was never afraid of the hours of work it took...usually with little praise and is someone we're proud to have in the Kasper family. Dan has a daughter named Katie and a wife named Annie who also was a very important member of the Kasper family in our formative years.

Matt Oyler

Lights, Stage Setup, Monty

Matt joined us as young kid who simply loved everything about working for a band. Again...like Dan, Matt never feared working behind the scenes and the thankless hours of commitment it took to make the bands' jobs look easy. He takes great pride in the fact that, while he received abuse for being a stupid kid when we were cool...he is now cool and we're just old. He has 2 kids...Chloe and Camden.

Jason Botterbush

Lights, Stage Setup

"Face" is another youngster who joined us barely out of high school, who is now quite pleased with the fact that we're old and he's not. His time with the band was limited, as we decided to fire him when it was discovered that he was getting nicer women than we were.

Todd Hackenburg


Todd joined Kasper in the early 90s...basically right out of high school and was with the band for several years. He has the distinct privilege of being the only member of Kasper who actually "made it". After leaving Kasper, Todd joined Vonray, a national act that had some label and minor chart success, as well as touring with Creed and Third Eye Blind.

Jeff Gibble


Jeff joined Kasper when Kasper was still Future Pilot and had made the choice to go from a full time working dance/rock band to a rock band...period. He brought a distinctive guitar style and sound to the band that wasn't the norm for the 80's. He sort of takes all of the various guitar styles and throws them in a blender. He left Kasper in the early 90s.

Ken Geist


Ken was the lead guitarist of Kasper for a great deal of the 90s and many of the subsequent reunion shows. He brought some different influences to the band...as he was a music junky who wasn't afraid of any style. He really helped Kasper dip their toe into the changing music scene of the late 90s. Though we sometimes moved begrudgingly, we managed to find our footing with Ken's assistance. Ken is currently playing in several acts in Central PA.


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